Today we are going to create something gorgeous in a boho style together! It’s a chain hair crown that was inspired by the beauty of blue sea waves that’s why I added some blue crystal drops and pretty bird charm but you can make whatever you want, just imagine your dream crown! For those of you who don’t like handmade but want such a bohemian hair band, I’ve prepared a set of similar items that can be found online, check it below. Have a good day and hope you’ll like my DIY ?

  1. You will need connector-charms, waterdrop gems with holes, finding rings, crystal beads, different chains, elastic band, clasps, finding clip and round-pliers.


  1.  So, let’s get started. We connect the suspension and immediately-drop with the help of rings and round-bends.
  2. We decorate the bottom of the suspension with stones, beads and prepare rings for future chains.
  3. We take three cuts off the chain thicker, and two pieces of thin chains, measure how much you need for your head and cut it off with a stock, it is better to remove the excess then.

  1. Two pieces of chain are attached to the side rings of the lower suspension, and the third will go along the hairline, vertically.
  2. Other thin chains hang on the lower rings, they will hang from the head, so unlike the thick chains, they do not need to be tightened over the head, they should be free to lie in a semicircle.
  3. On this, you can finish the decoration and fasten the chain with carbines, but I like the option with an inserted rubber band, I tried differently, but it’s so convenient to wear it, it does not put pressure on my head and does not interfere.

  1. The picture below shows how to fix the elastic: we fix the side chains with carbines and connect it to the elastic band, and fix it in the ring with a clip that connects to the vertical chain (which goes through the hair extensions). Well, in general, I hope you understand the idea ?
  2. From the remains of chains, beads, etc., I made a fringe suspension, which is fastened behind like a tail.

All decoration is ready so quickly!